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About the Photographer

Since high school, I have always had a camera in my hand. Years later, I am still have camera in my hand and another in the bag. Photography has always been a passion then and now. It is a delight to capture the beautiful people, places and things on GOD's earth. I take delight in what ever I photographer. My portfolio demonstrates my appreciation for the various forms of life I encounter. It would be a pleasure to have a photographic encounter with you. I am sure my cameras and I would love the moment.

The Mission

Picture it Perfectly is the driving philosophy of perfectPictureThat. There exist a commitment to excellence first. Quality is in the essence of the business model, its in the middle of what I do and it's how I close each business engagement. Its my goal to strive for a 5 Star service for each client, carefully structured to support a champagne photographic experience no matter the beer budget.

Why Choose perfectPictureThat?

When the time comes, you get dressed in your best, the event starts, people laugh, play, cry, smile, drink, toast, eat and etc. Then the lights go out. What's left? The pictures. As time moves on, the details of your event as you remember it will fades. However, the images of you and yours will last a life time. Using my story telling picture technique you will have 5* pictures to remind you and yours.

Do-It-Yourself (#DIY)

How your photographic products are package is important. This is why you have the pleasure of putting together a package that works for you and your budget. Our mission is to capture your every moment on disc, then you package your deliverables. We have a Do-It-Yourself (#DIY) philosophy. We shoot it and you package it via the online site and you save $$$.

Working With You and Your Guest

We smile often. Nothing helps you and yours smile more then passing along a contagious smile, it makes picture taking easy. We take the time to discuss with you, your photographic desires and interest. Lets face it, sometimes we have to suggest what is reasonable versus what is not reasonable. It is better to know it upfront rather than later.

The Coverage you deserve

You need me behind that camera, you want me shooting your event. While you are doing your THANG, with all the planning, the guest and money spent, you can't handle not having perfectPictureThat getting that shot, capturing the moment. A few good Cameras.

Picture it Perfectly

On the Wall, Shooting since 1977

Picture it Perfectly